In my paintings I navigate both the expected and the unexpected. I often have no idea what the next gesture will bring, and somehow I have to clear my mind before I begin to paint. Water, oil, colour, sand, pigment... sometimes I try to control how they move, like dancing with a familiar partner, but I’m not always able to do so and must allow them go the way they want to even when it’s not the way I expected! It is a principle of nature.


The image is a result of the feelings that arise in me and in the viewer. Many times I’ve been asked to explain the meaning of my paintings, and each time my reply has been evident at the bottom of the work: “Untitled”.


For me the content of my paintings is intensely mobile and ever-changing. I am continually surprised to discover new and unexpected images in my work, and hope that my audience is afforded the same experience. I approach my work with an open mind, with no predetermined message or idea, and trust that the meaning will emerge through the intuitive process. The paintings are consistent with my understanding of life: beauty is always juxtaposed with ugliness.



© tsunshan samson ng

last updated: june 2017